Nearing the end of my time back in the UK. Not sure if I was lucky or unlucky to catch the first cold weather of this winter - I hate the cold, but a light coating of snow looked so pretty (and gave me the chance to try out my new digital camera!).

Being back has given me a chance to buy some of the things I have been struggling to find in Dakar. However I was surprised at how overwhelming I found the amount of choice available in the shops here. I've only been away from it for six weeks (although I was never a great fan of shopping), but already it seems slightly obscene that there is just so much here; in Dakar I couldn't find a single quilt to fit a king-size bed, here in the UK there seem to be millions. Maybe one day the world's resources will be spread rather more fairly and there will be limited choice in both locations.


Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, I stumbled across your blog via Friends Reunited today and felt compelled to get in touch. I'd really like to chat about what you're doing - it is so totally different from anything within my experience. Let me know if you'd like to and I'll send you my email. Paul Stotes.

Louise said...

Hi Paul - gosh, a blast from the past! Would love to chat about what I'm doing but don't want to post my email address here as I'm paranoid about spam. So please either post yours here or get in touch via Friends Reunited.

Anonymous said...

Louise, understand your spam concerns - don't suppose you have much use for viagra! Try paul AT stotesbury DOT nl, if you see what I mean. Hopefully the automatic programmes that scan the internet for email addresses won't pick that up.

Anonymous said...

I should have rung you in the UK - our 33 minute conversation cost AUD$75.00!!

It'll have to be emails.